Integrative Training in Health-Assistive Smart Environments


IGERT students will participate in monthly meetings with IGERT faculty and attend the IGERT distinguished speakers colloquia series. IGERT students will also be expected to have joint multidisciplinary dissertation advising. In addition to the required coursework in their discipline of study, IGERT students will also complete the course requirements listed below. These requirements are designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary, comprehensive training program relevant to health-assistive smart environment design.

  • Leadership Development. This 3-credit class (UNIV 580) is designed to provide students with training in communication, leadership, and teamwork.
  • Gerontechnology I. This 3-credit course will provide students with an introduction to the field that combines gerontology and technology.
  • Gerontechnology II. This 3-credit course will require students to implement a technology solution to address a particular gerontology concern at an assisted care facility or in the home of a disabled older adult.
  • Two 3-credit electives outside the student’s major department. Sample courses are listed below; other courses may be proposed by the student and approved by the certificate program chair.
    • Technology Ventures (Civil Engineering)
    • Sustainability Engineering (Civil Engineering 404/504 and 405/505; description information here)
    • Foundations of Neuropsychology (Psychology)
    • Engineering, Teaching and Learning (Engineering)
    • Cognition and Memory (Psychology)
    • Medical Devices for Home Health Care (Pharmacology)
    • Human Computer Interaction (Computer Science)
  • Internship. A one-semester internship in industry, government or health care is required to help prepare students for real-world challenges and provide additional hands on experiences.