Integrative Training in Health-Assistive Smart Environments

Past IGERT Speakers

November 8, 2012 Disruptive Technologies for Elder Care and Wellness Dr. Alex Mihailidis


April 12, 2012 OSU IGERT in Aging Sciences: Gerontechnology to Support Increased Healthspan Ronald Metoyer

The Oregon State University IGERT in Aging Sciences is an interdisciplinary training program aimed at the development of a new generation of scientists with the skills necessary to address the science, products, and policies that will optimize function and independence of older adults in our society. The program consists of four core areas, one of them being the Gerontechnology Core, which addresses supportive technologies for improving the health span (from cellular to societal).

July 19, 2011 Confounds in Separating Effects of Normal Aging from Healthy Successful Aging Dr. Cheryl Aine

Many neuroimaging studies of age-related memory decline interpret resultant differences in brain activation patterns in the elderly as reflecting a type of compensatory response or regression to a simpler state of brain organization. Here I will review a series of our own MEG studies which lead us to an alternative interpretation, and highlights a couple of potential confounds in the aging literature that may act to increase the variability of results within age groups and across laboratories.

April 18, 2011 Energy Monitoring and Low-Power Sensing in the Home Dr. Shwetak Patel

Professor Patel will describe work on a new generation of electricity, water, and natural gas measurement systems that are low-cost, easy-to-install, and, most importantly, capable of providing disaggregated data on consumption down to the individual appliance or device from single sensing points.

March 24, 2011 Recognition Technology for Aging in Place Dr. Marjorie Skubic

The continuous assessment of physical and cognitive function is a key indicator of initial decline in health and functional ability. Identifying and assessing problems while they are still small can provide a window of opportunity for interventions that will alleviate the problem areas before they become catastrophic. In this talk, Dr. Skubic will describe ongoing interdisciplinary work to investigate the use of sensor technology and automated reasoning to provide early identification of illness and functional decline.

February 17, 2011 Ambulatory Monitoring: Extending Healthcare Service to Daily Life Dr. Yongji Fu

Talk starts at 10:40AM