Integrative Training in Health-Assistive Smart Environments

Bryan Minor

Electrical Engineering
IGERT Fellow Since: 
Spring 2011
Dr. Thomas Fischer


  1. S. Szewcyzk, K. Dwan, B. Minor, B. Swelove, and D. Cook. "Annotating smart environment sensor data for activity learning." Technology and Health Care, special issue on Smart Environments: Technology to support health care, 2009.


Research Description: 

I am interested in the application of signal processing and communications techniques to the smart environment sensing and activity detection systems. In particular, I am analyzing how viewing the sensing and activity detection processes as a communications channel (wherein the activities are the "data" to be transmitted and the action of sensing introduces distortion) can be used to improve smart home sensing techniques and algorithms. I hope that such an analysis, including the incorporation of mathematical formulations commonly used in the communications field, can also provide alternative methods of analyzing smart home data. Other areas of interest include the use of data compression techniques in sensing and classification algorithms, sensor fusion techniques, and sensor energy conservation methods.