Integrative Training in Health-Assistive Smart Environments

Jennie Schei

Physics and Astronomy
IGERT Fellow Since: 
Fall 2009
Dr. Matt McCluskey and Dr. Dave Rector


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  • Foust, A.J., Schei, J.L., Rojas, M.J., and Rector, D.M. In-vitro and in-vivo noise analysis for optical neural recording. J. Biomedical Optics 13(4): 044038 (2008).
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  • Schei, J.L. and Rector, D.M. Sleep deprivation effects on regional cerebral hemodynamics. Journal of Sleep (in progress).


Research Description: 

Conduct interdisciplinary research combing the fields of Physics and Neuroscience to develop and optimize optical brain imaging technologies with simultaneous high spatial and temporal resolution, and use these techniques to investigate the basic mechanisms of sleep in the brain.
Optical Neural Imaging
Design and optimize an optical system to image action potential propagation along a lobster nerve using near-infrared birefringence video microscopy. Develop a theoretical model of birefringence light changes in the nerve during reflection mode and transmission mode setups.
Optical Hemodynamic Imaging In Vivo
Perform surgery, manage experiment, and analyze data characterizing scattered light changes associated with evoked hemodynamic responses in the rat cortex using an LED and photodiode.
Optical Hemodynamic Signals During Wake and Sleep
Conduct and analyze experiments characterizing scattered light changes, due to the hemodynamic response, in the rat cortex associated with different stages of wake and sleep using an LED and photodiode. Investigate the physiological changes in sleep patterns during normal aging.